Get Her Story Challenge

A unique way to create a lasting gift while creating priceless memories in the process.


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"Gael is known as the Legacy Recorder and for good reason - she helps us pull stories out of family members so their legacies can live on! Whether you have an older parent and want to cherish their stories or just want to have better conversations with family members, you need this in your life! She even has activities for kiddos! I so so wish I knew Gael when my Oma was still with us, I’ve learned so much from Gael about recording legacies. Check her out!"

Monica W

Start the Conversation


I hear stories like Monica's, far too often. 

The women in our lives are often unheard and silent, in life and in death. I don't want to be hearing the same story from you in a few years. It's up to you to start the conversation with the people you love around the dinner table, over coffee, and in all the moments in between.

Next month I am dedicating myself to helping you start the conversation with a woman in your life about her story. 

I know that it will mean the world to her that you are interested in hearing her story and asking about it now. Take this opportunity to help her document her experiences and create a truly unique gift she (and her family) will treasure.

This is your invitation to work with me for 28 days (4 weeks) to create a one of a kind story gift for the "her" in your life.

If you are ready to commit to a small amount of time each week to helping someone you love tell her story, then click the button below.


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Get Her Story Challenge

This is an annual challenge that runs through the month of April. All through April, you will work with a special woman in your life (mom, grandma, aunt, sister, spouse) or her family to help her tell her story. By the time the beginning of May rolls around you will have a beautiful gift to give her.


Here's the Plan

This week will be foundational work on storytelling and picking out the pieces you will need to create your story gift. This week you'll also see the templates and a few finished gifts to help you get inspired. 

This week will be all about what and how to ask the questions that will shape the story gift and fill in the blanks.

By the time you head to your next family dinner/event you will be ready to have the conversations you need to have to create the draft of your story gift.

In week 3, you will compile everything we've been working on into a draft. We'll work through it together!

This final week will find you putting together the final version of your gift. Using the resources and templates from Week 3 you'll polish your gift and have it ready to give away in May.

We are doing this thing together!

There will be templates and worksheets, interactive games, and real life me working with you to complete this gift.

Get Her Story Challenge

Now is your chance to create a truly unqiue and genuine gift for a wondrous woman in your life.