Legacy Supports Patient Centered Care

Whether you are staff, a director, or a corporate executive, below you will find ways to support your patient centered care objectives and goals.

Thank you for your commitment to care!

We are committed to supporting  you in your patient centered care objectives. Our solutions all revolve around storytelling and getting your patients/residents engaged in the community they live in.

This isn't a big corporation or a non-profit. The Legacy Recorder is a small business on a mission to provide resources for caregivers and volunteers who want to enrich the lives of the people around them.

Thank you for doing the incredible work of caring for others!


This page is divided into two main sections.

Professional Development

Products and services designed to support staff, nurses, and more at an individual level.

Professional Development

Facility Implementation

Products & services designed to support a patient centered care mission at the facility level.

Facility Implementaion

Facility Implementation

The options listed below are designed to be implemented at the facility level with the corporate heads being on board. It is imperative that everyone "buys in" to the concept and is ready to support a Legacy program. Without everyone's support, it will not be an easy road to implementation. The culture of a facility starts at the top and each staff member needs to know that their executives are backing them up.

Each person in a resident/patient's life from the intake staff to the hospice care team has a part to play in their story and can impact how that person feels on a daily basis. This means that every person in your family can benefit from the programs below or the programs in the Professional Development section above.

The programs below will enhance what you are already doing well and provide a beautiful value-add for your community.

What does a Legacy Project Look Like?

"Recently my family interviewed my grandma on her 86th birthday. We realized how little we knew about her life and wanted to learn more about her. We used some of the questions and the format from Legacy Recorder. It was an amazing experience. It was helpful to have a format to follow and so fun to learn about her childhood and marriage to my grandpa. I highly recommend Gael and the Legacy Recorder!"

Kristy H.