Ready-to-print 7 Day activity plan


Featuring storytelling activities to fill in the gaps in your activity program.

Take a breath, you got this!

Pre-planned activities to make your day just a little easier

Worksheets, additional resources, and more to shorten your planning time and keep your storytellers (residents, patients, loved ones) engaged.

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Keep storytellers engaged

Keep boredom at bay with an interactive activity that gets them talking (and writing).

Fill in gaps in your activity planner

Tuck it in your back pocket and pull out this activity whenever you have gaps to fill in your activity calendar.

Inform care plans

The conversations started with this storytelling activity have added insights and added important info to care plans.

Grab your 7 Day Plan so that...

There is nothing worse in the world of delivering program and keeping people entertained, than change. Stay light on your feet and be prepared when change happens. The 7 Day plan is designed as a pop up activity that you can bring out and pick from whenever you need it.

This activity plan does so much more than provide a few ideas to fill time. It offers a way for your storytellers to stay connected and feel seen. 

It is hard to get people talking and sharing their stories. The 7 Day plan will help you be the hero of your community and get people talking to each other and connecting with family in no time.

So what exactly is in the 7 Day Activity Plan?

The video will give you a little more info on how it works and what to expect.


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