How to Help Others Tell Their Story

Every moment is worth talking about and sharing

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Who do I work with?

People or organizations that are in the business of caring for others.

Below are just a few examples of who that might be.


You want to write your personal story or help someone you love, write their personal story. Courses are designed specifically for your needs.

Facilities & More

You want to give your residents & patients the opportunity to write their personal story, create an engaging community, and make lifelong connections.

Universities & Education

You are looking for ways to bring the real world into the classroom or give your students the chance to volunteer in meaningful ways in their community.

Why is it important to help people tell their stories?

Helping someone tell their story creates so much more than a book or written legacy.

It creates memories and inspires change that lasts a lifetime.

Inspiring Change

A few of the amazing things I've been able to witness while working with people to help them tell their stories are 

  • how much their outlook changes
  • they make active changes in their lives to create more intentional relationships with their family and friends
  • they have a renewed sense of self and excitement for their future

This is true for every person invovled in a Legacy Project. From the storyteller, to the interviewer, to the organizers, each person learns something new about themselves and someone else.

What can you expect from me?

Well thought out, intentional, easy to implement programs and curriculums that will bring immesureable joy and change to your groups and communties.

Online Courses & Training

Here you will find thoughtful, intentional training programs complete with everything you need to successfully help someone tell their story.

When we do that it is so much more. The storyteller has the change to engage with their interviewer, build a new relationship, and gain a renewed confidence in themselves.

Printable Curriculums, Programs, and Worksheets

When we're working with people to help them tell their stories, it's happening out in the real world.

Everything you need to implement a Legacy Program, work with someone on your own, or work with your students is included with your purchase.

Ready to Start Writing Your Personal Story?

Every great journey starts with a single step... Take the first step in writing your story by clicking below!

Who am I?

I'm Gael and I'm affectionately known as "The Legacy Lady" or "The Writing Lady". I've been helping people tell their stories, both business and personal. for over 10 years. I look forward to helping you tell yours!


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